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It is our goal to share with you why you and your family should go fishing. Our goal is to help you understand the sport of fishing and the positives that can be gained from it. We want to not only tell you why you should go fishing but also teach the basics of why fish bite and how to get ready for an enjoyable day on the water. These goals are what make up the Why Fish Concept.



Learn to Clean Northern Pike

People always say "I would eat more Northern Pike except those darn bones are always in the way." Now, exclusively from Why Fish, a video that will teach you how to cut the Y-bones from a northern pike. Now cleaning pike can be simple task to get a truly table friendly fish on the dinner plate.

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What is the Why Fish concept?

You will often hear us refer to the Why Fish Concept. The Why Fish concept is simple, why should I go fishing? The concept is just reasons that you should go fishing. It is also the benefits that can be gained from actively engaging in fishing either by yourself or with family and friends.

why-fish.com will not limit our discussions to fishing from a boat in exotic places for monster fish like other sites and shows; we will teach successful shore fishing techniques as well and ice fishing techniques too.

We hope you can gain many useful things from Why-Fish.com and also enjoy the Why Fish Radio Podcast!

What is the Why Fish Radio Podcast?

Why Fish Radio is a 15 minute radio show hosted by Brad and Brad. The Why Fish Radio Show is also a podcast (learn more about podcasting here and here). Simply put, a podcast is a webcast or a radio show of some kind that is converted to an mp3 (downloadable on the site) and included within a RSS Feed that can be read by a feed aggregator that will download automatically the mp3 file (the Why Fish Radio Show) into your iTunes or Windows Media Player which in-turn is synced with your iPod or other such mp3 device. Hence the term podcasting. The Why Fish Radio Show can then be listened to at your leisure. Stay up to date with the Why Fish Radio Show here and subscribe today, it's free!.

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